E-cigarette - Its advantages, disadvantages and contents

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An electronic cigarette is also known by many names like e-cigarette or vaporize cigarette. This cigarette is powered by battery which contains doses of nicotine. This cigarette serves as an alternative for various tobacco products like smoked cigarette, pipes or even cigars. It provides the same flavor as in normal cigarette ad also the physical sense which is the same like a tobacco filled cigarette.

This cigarette was first made in China by a practitioner Hon Lik in the year 2003. This was brought into the market in 2004. He was working with a company called Golden Dragon Holdings which later renamed their company as Ruyan which means a resemblance to smoking. It is shaped in elongated tube which is designed in such a way that it looks like a normal cigarette. You can say it's like a pen shaped device which has a similar resemblance as with the ball pen.  Most of them are devices wherein you can reuse them as it comes with replaceable or refillable parts. Also there are many e-cigarette developed which can be disposed off after the use.

How does it operate?

There are two types of models, automatic and manual. In automatic model, it has sensors which gets activates its heating elements when the user inhales the device which detects the air flow and generates a vapor which then produces the same flavor as with the cigarette whereas in manual model the user has to press a button which would activate the heating element and generate vapors after which the user can inhale the product. Almost in every model the LED which is on the opposite side also gets activated during the process of inhalation, which shows the indicator as to how many times the user has used it. There are various LED colors that are available in the today made by different manufacturers.

What are the components?

It comes along with the various components like rechargeable battery, heating elements, a mouth piece and other electronic circuits.

Are there any health issues?

Currently, the health effects after use of these cigarettes are still unknown. There are various studies which are still been conducted for the after effects of inhaling vapors that come from nicotine.

There are some cigarettes wherein the selling of such cigarette is considered as illegal. Countries like Australia have totally banned on sale of such cigarettes. Brazil has not only banned the sales but also the advertisements. Heath Canada has also banned the imports of such cigarette in the year 2009. However Health Canada has stated under the Food and Drugs act that any smoking products that contain harmful nicotine must get prior approval before launching it in the market.

There are various solutions that are offered in various nicotine concentrations. It is all left up to the users to decide how much content they want to intake nicotine. It ranged from zero, low or mid ranged doses i.e. 6–8 mg/ml and 10–14 mg/ml which goes up to high dose of 16–18 mg/ml and 24–36 mg/ml correspondingly.

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E-cigarette - Its advantages, disadvantages and contents

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This article was published on 2010/12/07