The Cost Efficient Electric Cigarettes

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Cigarette smoking is a noted hazardous habit but it is still loved by many people. However, due to the growing concern, especially those who are victims of passive smoking (those who inhaled smoke from people who are smoking), electric cigarettes are introduced. These are also called as e-cigarettes or e-cig. Manufacturers think that this is the latest and healthier alternative rather than smoking tobacco, cigarettes or pipes. This is pioneered by Hon Lik, a practitioner in medicine in 2003. Since then, it is popular to many people and is widely used in the United States and even in the most countries of Europe.

Electric cigarettes has both automatic and manual kinds in the manual part, there is a button that needs to be pressed so that the cigarette will be heated. The other kind was the automatic e-cig wherein there is no button to be pressed. It works when the cigarette is inhaled when the atomizer of heating element is activated; the liquid solution which may or may not contain nicotine will be vaporized.

Using an electric cigarette is easy and the person who smokes does not need to go outside of the house or smoke in a place where there is not roof. All he or she needs is to charge the electric cigarette. The battery used is lithium-ion based. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and USB chargers can be used when charging the cigarettes.

Aside from that, e-cigars are also cheap. Unlike the conventional cigarettes and tobaccos wherein it should be bought by pack, electric cigarettes are refillable and the prices of these refilled cartridges or mouthpiece are way cheaper than buying a cigarette. The cartridge is equals to about 15 to 20 cigarette sticks and it only costs about 60 cents as compared to $6 packs of 10 cigarettes. An in a year, a person can only spend about $4 to about $6 with the use of electric cigarettes. Also, over-smoking is not possible because there is a smart chip installed that only permits a person smoke to a certain level.

When thinking about the design and safety of having the alternative cigarette, it is better. The electric cigarette is non-flammable the risks of getting burned is zero. It uses LED, which is a cost-effective light that produces the burning effect of the product. LED gives brighter which makes the cigarette look real. Getting burned or bringing lighters or matches aren't needed anymore. When it comes to design, it looks like the real cigarette especially when purchasing the replica. On the other hand, there are also designs wherein the cigarette looks like a pen.

Although it is not the real thing, the taste of electric cigarette is the same as the real one. This is because the nicotine can be placed on inside the plastic cup of the mouthpiece along with the flavors. When smoking, it resembles the real thing. Having the e-cig is also convenient because it can be carried anywhere by the person.
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The Cost Efficient Electric Cigarettes

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This article was published on 2010/11/23